Homes for rent Groningen

Looking for home for rent Groningen? Stop searching: Expat Rentals Groningen! We offer furnished rental properties in and around the city of Groningen. Groningen is the capital city of the province Groningen in the Netherlands. It lies in the north of the Netherlands. With a population over 200.000, Groningen is the largest city in the north of Holland. It is a very popular city for students: it houses about 25.000 students from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and 28.000 students from the University of Groningen. Sightings are the Martinitoren, Groninger Museum and Noorderlicht.

Homes for rent Groningen: what do we offer?

Expat Rentals Groningen has furnished rental properties available for short stay or long stay. We offer properties in the city of Groningen, but also in the Eemshaven, the province Friesland and province Drenthe. To view our current offerings of rental properties in Groningen click here.

Homes for rent Groningen: personal service

Expat Rental Groningen offers an relocation and housing service in Groningen and surrounding places and the Eemshaven. What is included in our service?

  • Negotiating price and conditions
  • Viewing homes when you are still abroad
  • Arranging extra services (like internet and television)
  • Providing furniture when necessary
  • Inspecting the rental property on your behalf

For more information about our relocation and housing service, please check Personal Service.

Are you interested homes for rent Groningen from Expat Rentals Groningen or simply want to come in contact with one of our realtors? Respond to one of our properties or contact us at groningen@123wonen.nl!

Homes for rent Groningen
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